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Dreams and Interpretation

You may have looked at all the pages on this website, and absorbed some, but rejected others. That is your prerogative. As I have said elsewhere, I think, we have choice. God's standing invitation is there for all of us, and He waits. However, in the meantime, He can and does speak to us in varying ways - one way is through dreams.

"...God speaks again and again, though people do not recognise it. He speaks in dreams, in visions of the night when deep sleep falls on people as they lie in bed." Job 33 v 14,15 (NLT)

Yes, many of our dreams can be the accumulation of nonsense from the day, or a reflection of our soulish desires, and there are other possibilities too, but God spoke through dreams and visions in Biblical times, and He still does now. I know this, because He speaks to me and to many others in this way.

You may consider that you don't dream at all. I thought this, but then when I started taking a notebook to bed, and sincerely asking God for a dream, I realised that I did dream, but had never placed enough importance on the subject, and so they were always forgotten. Having begun to record them in about 2008, my Christian spiritual training at the time, and prayer, enabled me to reach possible basic meanings. Some dreams may appear most odd, because of the symbolism involved, because God seems to prefer a degree of mystery in this form of communication, so colours, animals, places, vehicles and names, for example can all take on special meanings when we dream.

Dreams from God cannot be interpreted using standard secular techniques. Although knowledge of God's symbolism is helpful, successful interpretation is essentially the work of the Holy Spirit, as it is He who 'guides into all truth' John 16 v 13 (paraphrased). Through beginning and maintaining an ongoing, living relationship with the Holy Spirit, the true meaning may be released in God's timing.

I used to offer to help with dream interpretation, but as my own relationship with the Lord deepened and progressed, I began to see how human error could creep in. We are often caught up with the immediacy of today's world, so when a dream seems to persist in our mind, the tendency is perhaps to seek help from the world, but I wonder if our first port of call should in fact be God? Dreams and other signs given to us are often just that - signposts back to God, the sender. Only He knows why He sent the dream.

Between 2010 and 2012, I saw how my meanings for my own dreams had sometimes totally missed the mark, or had needed reworking. As I matured in faith, I began to understand that perhaps the correct first response to a dream is to say 'Lord, can you explain this to me please, and guide me safely?' This is so, because the Bible instructs us to trust in Him. We are vulnerable, as children, and He wants us to come to him for all our answers. The next step is up to him, but we are to be in peace and wait while He prepares our answer.

October 2012.

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