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1. Betty's Banner

2. Lord, Not Me at 70 Plus!

3. A Message from the Lord

4. Death of a Medium

As a break from my constant chatter, perhaps you would like to see my aunt’s banner, which, together with a team of four other ladies, she made lovingly, as an expression of her faith and devotion to God.

She spent many, many days designing this, and often travelled into Glasgow, to tour remnant shops looking for exactly the material she needed – and this was when she was in her eighties! She was a great seamstress, and a great Christian. She died in 2005, and is sorely missed by her family.

The banner is about 6 feet high, by about 4 feet across, and hangs in South Beach Baptist church in Ardrossan, Scotland.

If you zoom in, you can see the texture of the fabrics, and what seems initially to be a mottled blue relief at the bottom, is in fact hundreds of tiny people, all witnessing His presence. Click here for a larger picture.

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Lord, not me at 70 plus!
I became a Christian at the age of 12, enjoying from that time a Christian home environment, but as far as I can recall the Baptism in the Holy Spirit was not mentioned at our fellowship.
The years passed and I got married, had a family and joined a Baptist Church, believing all this time that I had received all the Lord had to give me... that is until about eight years ago!
I went with some Christian friends to a weekend of fellowship and at well over 60 years of age, heard of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. This experience, I believed, was not for me because I still thought I had it all... but the Lord had other plans.
In 1986 I went with two friends to our first Spring Harvest. At one meeting, many were going forward for ministry and ending up on the floor. The Lord at last got through to me that He had so much more for me if only I would let go and allow Him to take over, but I could not go out.
"Lord, at MY age, I may never rise from the floor again, and Lord, I don't want this strange language but please fill me with your Holy Spirit"
Looking back I now know that God did just what I asked Him to do... I couldn't have coped with any more at the time but my Heavenly Father understood that.
Back at home, the usual 'down to earth' sensation set in but, soon after, I went to the Women's Aglow Chapter in Irvine. The freedom in praise and worship was wonderful and overflowed to me in the love, care and understanding of the women there.
In 1989, at an Aglow Conference, I was released from an attitude of unforgiveness which I had struggled with for over two years and so God was preparing me for what He had in store. I still felt rebellious about 'tongues' but my sisters on the Board were praying for me and their prayers were answered.
One day, whilst vacuuming, I remembered that a family member would be having a test at the hospital and this called for emergency prayer. I turned off the hoover, (so that God would hear!) but my mind was a complete blank. Panic set in.
Then I heard this strange language... (Lord, please! Not me at 70 plus) and sank in to a welcome chair.
Later one morning I had to surrender to the God who does not give up and had brought me to a point of willingness. He supplied assurance from Jeremiah Chapter 1 v9... "The Lord reached out His hand and touched my mouth and said to me 'Now I have put My words in your mouth.' Praise Him!"
He still had more to give me. A few weeks later at an Aglow meeting, I DID go out for prayer this time although I did not know why, but I descended to the floor... gracefully I hope.
The release was wonderful, from what I was not sure until the Lord took me back to that night at Spring Harvest and reminded me of what I had said. He had done His part and I had confessed publicly... fear had gone and, if the truth be told, my pride as well.
Can I encourage you not to hold back from the Lord who wants to give us more than we are often willing to receive from Him. You CAN trust him.

Betty Crawford, Irvine Aglow.

Given to the internet for the world to read by Betty's daughter, with much love Elizabeth, in memory of my Mum.

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A Message from the Lord

God can speak to us at any time, and in any way, which He feels we will hear and recognise.

Mary was in the middle of divorce proceedings. She woke up one night, and could not get back to sleep. She could hear the first line of the following poem, and got up to find some paper. The rest flowed from there.

24th October 1976

I am in your hand

Do not have any fear

I am here always

Be patient you will see

I love you and I have died for you

And I am the son of God

And its through me you will please God

And I will never fail thee

So walk in the light

And you will walk with me

Be patient children

In this darken hour

For you will see me when its time

And we will walk hand in hand together

In the heights beyond your heart

Trust me, believe in me

For I will pour more love in your hearts

Than you have ever known before


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The Death of a Medium
(Testimony Poem - In loving memory of my mum).

A mother who muttered and spoke with the dead,
With ease predicting future events,
Dreams and visions played out in her head,
To development séances, she gladly went.

For this destiny was I born?
Events unexplained that brought a thrill.
A life for The Occult was being formed,
Strange sights drew me in deeper still.

From Astral Projection to Yoga and Zen,
Sketching ghosts - the Psychic Arts,
Crystals and chakras, trance and T.M.,

Then mother became more and more ill,
Dangerous accidents. Terror by night.
Spirits controlling against her will,
Levitating furniture, a common sight.

Psychics and Mediums who tried their best,
To rid our home of unwelcome guests.
No help from gods of wood or stone,
Mum and I lost in our curs’ed home.

Afraid to stay in, yet afraid to go out,
Wherever she went, they would follow.
Their evil voices would mock and shout,
Cars halt, as spirits threw her across the road.

Events became more absurd,
I feared what would befall my mum.
Trapped in an unseen world,
For her, this meant the end had come.

Hell's final surge. The gates open wide,
Spirits assailed her like a tide,
Blackest darkness, no hope in sight.
Mum’s final action - suicide.

My screams of horror echoed that night,
I bought a Bible, searching for Light.
Praying ‘Who is the true God?
Please reveal. Jesus Christ, is He Saviour of all?’

His Word showed me Jesus forgives and heals,
Ghosts scream – fled our house when His Name I called,
Peace flooded my soul like a waterfall.

I learned to trust Him. His Love cast out fears.
Joy in His Presence. Worship sublime.
A new church family I can call mine.
Christ lovingly saved me from Satan’s snare.

Too late now, for Mum to pray,
If still alive, what would she say?
"Don’t dabble in New Age. Please! Not even a spell,
Why sign your life over to a living hell?"

(Based on a true story; the timing of some events was altered to help the flow of the poem). © Laura Maxwell. (BA Hons. Psychol) 2004 Previously titled ‘An Unhappy Medium,’ aired during an interview with myself, by God’s grace, for the Halloween season, Revival Radio, 100.8FM, www.revival.fm on 27/10/08. Due to be read during my interviews for programs on 3 Christian Satellite TV Channels and as requested for God Tube and U-Tube. Also featured in ‘Majestic Minds,’ a poetry anthology published in the UK, and on a website which helps people in the occult find salvation in Christ. All glory to God. My new novella of the same theme, God willing, was released for Christmas 2008. I wrote it as an evangelistic tool to reach unsaved people in the New Age and Occult. It’s based on true events that my mother, friends, acquaintances & others experienced within the occult, and my consequent acceptance of Christ as Saviour 13 years ago, and my subsequent walk with the Lord in that time. It is an Evangelistic Fantasy written in a style to appeal to readers of New Age type Fantasy stories. For a FREE extract or details of this newly released book, ‘Searching,’ please contact me on: searching.08@hotmail.co.uk

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