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I am a ‘baby’ Christian, and ‘babies’ need lots of support and encouragement.

The first steps with Jesus are very tentative steps. I look for guidance, and I look for answers to my questions and problems. These are the matters I have to deal with everyday, and I feel that I might falter if the Lord were to go quiet.

But the Father is very attentive to his new protégé, as I discovered to my great pleasure.

I had booked a follow-up course in Italian, on Wednesday evenings, and was looking forward to the first one, when, the afternoon before, I received a message that the course had been cancelled due to lack of support.

Now I knew that Jonathan had been hoping to hold his ‘Vision Team’ meetings on a Wednesday, and I had wanted to be part of that too, so, rather than be irritated by the loss of Italian conversation, I was pleased to be able to be a ‘visionary’ instead. After all, the Italian could wait, and I expected my new Father would enable me to do it at a later date.

A few days later, I remembered I had my Italian teacher’s contact number, so I thought I’d ask her if she was by any chance doing another course in the spring. Imagine my surprise when she said she was hosting an intermediate course the following Monday, at a different school, and for £10 less than the cost of the original course!

So God had rearranged my diary for me, so I could do both!

On another matter, my youngest son was beginning to tire of his extra Maths tuition, and was presenting to me, at every opportunity, reasons why he should simply give it up. I prayed about this, and asked, as one parent to another, for ideas of ways to encourage him.

I think God must have said ‘Consider it done!’, for when I suggested to my son that, to catch up, he would have to do extra test papers each day, and waited as usual for some dispirited comment, he said “ I can do that! No problem!” I almost fell over with shock!

Is it always like this when you hand your life over to Jesus? How wonderful!

Summer 2005

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