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I have noticed on occasion, that George will direct our attention in prayer, to our tendency to get on with the business of leading our lives, with God neatly slotted into Sunday, or, if He’s lucky, an additional fellowship meeting during the week.

However, his continuing references to ‘cast your burdens unto Jesus’ came to mind one day a while back. My usual accountancy workload had been determined not to follow its normal pattern, with all clients delaying bringing in their books, and delaying resolving queries, to such an extent that I could see the major jobs all coinciding terribly, and causing me no end of stress!

I wondered, and decided to pray about it. I asked for His help, to ensure that jobs came in one by one, with me being able to progress them sufficiently, and reach a certain stage, before another client demanded my attention. Amazing! Week after week, job after job, they all filed in – even the difficult clients – one by one, without a whimper! My stress level was zero! Praise be!

This is so easy! Why don’t we all do it, and all the time? Life doesn’t have to be a series of problems, jumping from one stop-gap to the next! It’s so much easier to float or swim!

I talk to the Lord in the car – I mean, out loud. I don’t need the radio anymore. It just gets in the way. I talk to Him at any time when I’m alone, or if I’m not alone, I pause what I’m doing, and ‘think’ to Him. I know He hears, because I feel the usual tingling sensation reminiscent of my first encounter with the Holy Spirit. He gives me the ideas to write these articles, and certainly, He gives me the titles, which otherwise, would seem to come from nowhere.

Sometimes, I’ve noticed that I’ve felt a link in prayer, but something has distracted me, and I’ve lost it. I’ve lost all recollection of what I was sensing, or learning, and I have to hope that I’ll get another chance to pick up on it again. ‘A bit like internet dial-up’, I mused. ‘What I need is a broadband connection.’ Hence the title!

While writing this, I am watching the local cricket club from my upstairs window. They are building up the bonfire for their Guy Fawkes celebrations later. There is clearly a plan for this work, which they are all following, because they want the best possible bonfire. Bring God into your daily plan – broadband. Keep that connection open all the time, for the best possible life! See the difference!


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