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Now, I asked this question during a fellowship group meeting, and after a short discussion, I recall that the answer was ‘possibly, yes’, as we are made in His image, even although my relatively short experience of the Bible suggested, that, usually He tended to be either simply ‘well pleased’, or angry, at the human race, and that other emotions perhaps were not appropriate.

Well, a visit to Aldershot Post Office last Christmas has now convinced me that He does indeed have a sense of humour! Read on!

I was on my way to the office, and was carrying a large file of working papers, with a box of mince pies on the top, but I stopped off at the Post Office, to have two letters for abroad, weighed and stamped. All seven cashiers were fully stretched, and there was a long queue, but I wanted to get the job done, so I joined the end.

After five minutes or so, with little movement, the file began to feel rather heavy, and I casually thought (in a kind of ‘semi- prayer’ mode) – “Gosh, it would be nice if we could just get going a bit here…….”.

“Cashier number 4 please”. I smiled, and we all moved up.

“Cashier number 1 please”.

‘Interesting’, I thought.

There was then a brief pause, followed by…
“ Cashier number 7 please”,.. “Cashier number 6.. / Cashier number 3 ../ Cashier number 5.. / Cashier number 2 please”….

My jaw dropped as five announcements were made in quick succession! Wow!! ‘Steady on, Lord’ I thought. ‘You’re showing off now!’

I turned and caught the eye of the lady behind me, who was highly amused, amazed and delighted, and she made a rather drole comment about the improved service!

I agreed, but was still completely lost for words! I wanted to draw her attention to the power of prayer, but the words just wouldn’t come! Shame on me!

I reckon The Lord had a little chuckle to Himself.

(I’ll be ready the next time!)

Christmas 2005

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