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This isn’t one of my stories. I’m simply interjecting here with a few comments, which might help you.

Understand that I am an entirely ordinary, rational person. I’m married, with a family, a more or less full time job and the usual set of worldly problems to deal with.

These first three stories showed simple instances of how He helped me with everyday problems. Not massive, ground-breaking stuff, but smaller, though meaningful intercessions, which made a difference to me personally.

It had been a year or so, since my mind-blowing experience of the Holy Spirit, and in the time since then, my rational mind had started to question and doubt that experience. With these small reminders, He kept my attention, and helped me move forward in faith.

By the time I wrote the following story, I had read a significant chunk of the Old Testament, and was supported in my ‘journey’ by other Christians who had passed by the same route. I was beginning to feel by this stage, that whereas before, I was on the outside, looking in, now I was on the inside, but there was so much more to find out.

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