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Wow! It’s Soooo much bigger in here!

You must surely all be acquainted with the TARDIS from Dr Who (BBC series). If I remember correctly – or even at all – it meant Time and Relative Dimension in Space.

Well perhaps we ought to pinch the idea, and rename it T.A.R.D.I.C. –Time and Relative Dimension in Christ!

If you were present at my baptism in November, you may recall me saying, that I used to consider myself broadminded, as regards the world in general, but that was nothing compared to the growth and expansion I have experienced in Christ! And STILL it goes on! You think you’ve ‘got there’, then ‘wow!’, off we go again on a new adventure! There’s no stopping this God!

One Thursday morning – actually, about 1a.m. – I was awoken by my husband’s loud snoring, continuously, despite poking, prodding and complaining. On and on it went, until I eventually moved to the spare room, where I could still hear it, but it wasn’t quite so obtrusive!

Of course, I noticed that I was more than slightly irritated by this inconvenience, and recalled the time, not so long ago, when this would have been just one of a list of complaints against him. Yes, my list then was so long, I really couldn’t carry it around with me, but of course, I did, reminding myself, (and him), constantly of what seemed to be missing from our relationship.

However, I’d been down this road before, and Jesus had long since taken away my list, and shown me that a good marriage doesn’t succeed or fail according to the number of points one can clock up! A good marriage has a much broader base – but, now, that’s a whole topic in itself!

Anyway, I lay there, trying to sleep, smiling to myself about how much I had learned, but being unable to settle. Then the thoughts started to arrive, one by one, then in quick succession, or even all mixed up. God was asking me to listen, and sort them all out. There was lots of stuff in there, from how to react to a new person at the office, possible outreach to schools, the idea for this story – yes, ‘Tardis’ just came along with everything else – to the realisation that the twists and turns of my life had just illustrated a passage in the Bible, which I hadn’t fully grasped before.

I had started reading the Old Testament last summer, and at the time of writing, I had just finished 2 Samuel. Now, I have the NLT study Bible. Sometimes I read the study notes, and sometimes I just read the script. In 2 Samuel 24, God caused David to act wrongly by taking a census. The study notes explain that although the text seems to suggest that God caused David to sin, in fact, what He was doing, was allowing an incorrect natural inclination to come to the surface, so that He could deal with it in such a way, that David would recognise it as a fault, which was being disciplined.

The light dawned anew! My long history of relationship problems had taken me, through much distress, almost back to where I had started, but now I had a different perspective. God had allowed the sins to continue and multiply almost to breaking point, to show me that there was nowhere to go with those ideas – they were non-starters – and now He was showing me again that the only answer lay in Him. My faults, no doubt, had been many, and the distress itself was discipline enough.

The realisation that God can show you a different way of looking at things – a much bigger picture – makes ‘nit picking’ a thing of the past! Even what seem to be serious problems, just pale into insignificance when Jesus takes your hand.

One might think – “ If only I’d known all this then; if only I’d been ‘in Christ’ sooner, then I wouldn’t have had to go through all that”, but then, I think a whole period of massive personal growth just wouldn’t have happened, and those people whose boat I rocked, almost to sinking point, would have carried on blindly as before. Now, at least, they too have some ‘growth’ questions before them.

We touch each other’s lives in different ways, sometimes imperceptibly. Let our attitudes and actions be as God’s. Strive to push out, or even break down the artificial boundaries and standards we have all created in our lives.

Nothing beats this limitless feeling of being ‘in Christ’ – there are no words to express it adequately.


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