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Do you ever wonder what God expects of you?

I woke up on a Friday morning, assuming it was going to be an ordinary day. You know- go to work, come home, then family stuff. Wrong!! It started off as planned, but then God started to push some more ‘special stuff’ my way.

I was in general conversation with a shopkeeper I know. He stocks fancy goods, gifts, and certain other items which sometimes appeal to seekers of the mystic.

“ Is it a spiritualist church you belong to?” he asked. “Can I interest you in one of these wands?” There was a slight twinkle in his eye, as he gestured towards some quite attractive carved wooden sticks inset with gemstones. “Or what about this Victorian crystal ball?”

Now I knew there was just a touch of humour in his voice, but I quickly put him right as to my spiritual orientations, and seeing my opportunity handed to me on a plate, and remembering my past failures, I said “Of course, you know that these are just points of focus, with which to attract the wrong kind of spiritual activity?” I paused to see whether he was offended by my remark, but then continued to relate some of my own experiences in that unfortunate area, making reference to what I’d read on the subject, and what the Bible says.

At first he seemed amused, but then I think he realised that I was serious. I hope that he absorbed some of what we discussed, and that the Lord will give me another opportunity to discuss this with him.

So, I felt quite uplifted that afternoon, and the rest of the day seemed to pass normally, that is, until just before 11p.m.

My eldest son, having very recently passed his driving test, had gone out driving with two of his mates. I had prayed silently for their safety before he left, but when the phone rang, as I was reading in bed, I could tell from his voice that something was up.
“Err, Mum,…we’ve had a puncture…..but we’re OK.”
“So where are you?” I asked. “At Asda, by the bottle banks”.
After some discussion, I phoned the AA, but they wouldn’t go out, as I wasn’t there, and the alternative was to pay £70 on the phone to enrol my son. I decided just to go there myself, assess the damage, and contact the AA again if necessary.

The night was cold, but clear. We tried to change the wheel, but it was impossible. Have you ever tried to undo bolts which have been tightened by a power tool?! I phoned the AA again, but they were going to take about an hour and a half, and since I didn’t fancy sitting in the back of the car with three lads, and all the windows steamed up, I decided to go shopping in ASDA. This was shortly after midnight! Well, two pairs of tights, two T-shirts and a handbag later, I returned to the car, to find them eating Doritos and chocolate éclairs. There was now less than an hour to wait, but it was pretty cold, so I got in the car. The music was loud, and, yes, the windows were all steamed up, but I helped myself to an éclair, and settled down to wait. It was then that my jaw dropped, for there on the window, etched in the condensation, were the words “Lamb of God”!

Now, to someone who, these days, is always looking for ‘signs’, this seemed to be a nudge to broach the subject of faith! What? Twice in one day? But it’s nearly 1a.m., and the circumstances aren’t exactly to my choosing!

“ So who wrote ‘Lamb of God’ on the window?” I asked casually. “Oh, it’s the name of a band”, was the reply.

Now the music was distracting and fairly loud, it was their evening, and I felt slightly uncomfortable with this captive audience – though, truth be told, I think perhaps I felt more captive than they did, as I was the one feeling under pressure! Anyway, I’m sorry to say, I didn’t pursue the opportunity, and the AA arrived sooner than expected.

However, I spoke to my son about it the next day, saying that I’d prayed for their safety. He replied that it had occurred to him already that he was being given some ‘safe’ accidents as benign warnings about road safety. (All is not lost!)

Anyway, that Friday (bordering into Saturday!) God had clearly offered me two separate opportunities to witness for Him. I rose to the first, but passed on the second. But I’ll keep asking, and I’ll keep on trying, hoping that He’ll bear with me!

March 2006

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